PTA Committee Chair Communication Procedures

Inter-PTA Communication:

  • Mailboxes: Every PTA Officer and Committee Chair has a designated mail folder in the PTA file box.  This file box is located in the hall to the right just outside of the conference room.  Please note: It is moved to the location of the General Membership/Board meetings on the days of those meetings. Mail should be checked and picked up at least weekly.  Please use the PTA mailboxes as a means of distribution for written communication to other PTA Officers and Committee Chairpersons and check your own mail on a regular basis.

Recommended Marketing of AES Events

  1. Add dates to school calendar (via Pam).  PTA website automatically updates from school calendar.
  2. Eagle Wing article published the week prior to event.  Could publish multiple weeks for maximum exposure.
  3. Email blast from Pam specific to your event.  If new event to school, blast should be one week prior.  If a normal event (like CFA), 1-2 days prior to event.
  4. (Optional) Email blast to parents via Room Reps, especially if it is a classroom contest.
  5. Hard copy flyer send home in folders – one week prior to event.
  6. Article published on PTA website homepage for at least one week leading up to event.

Other tips:
- Graphics (logos or other) are always good attention grabbers, especially in electronic communication (EW, email blast, website).
- Keep it concise – people won’t ready multiple paragraghs.  Outline details, give contact info for questions.
- Come up with a catchy phrase to use and repeat in all methods of communication.

School Wide Communication

Approval procedures for ALL school wide communication: This includes: flyers, Eagle, Wings, Marquee, email blast, website.

  • Vice-President in charge of the area being discussed
  • Co-President
  • Principal 5 days prior to desired distribution

Flyer Distribution:

  • Flyer Approval: A copy of all memos, flyers, etc. (including email blasts) should be given to your area VP, Co-Presidents, and the School Principal prior to distribution.  Please leave a copy with the Secretary to the Principal five days prior to the desired distribution date with a note indicating that approval is needed.  Leave your name, phone number and e-mail address for approval to be sent.  Additionally please give the staff at the front desk a copy of any correspondence being sent out.
  • Approved Flyer Distribution: Flyers that have been approved to send home with all students should be placed in the teacher mailboxes which are currently located in the hall behind the main office (outside of the Principal’s office).  A current Class Count can be located on the bulletin board near the teacher mailboxes, in the Teacher Workroom, or one may be obtained from the Front Office.

Announcements in “Eagle Wings: Announcements for publication in the weekly newsletter “Eagle’s Wings” must be emailed to Pam Ferguson at by Tuesday before noon that same week for Friday’s Eagles Wings.

Updates for the PTA Website: Updates for the website should be in a “copy and paste format” and must be emailed to Stacey DiMarco at five days prior to desired publication date. Please note the date you would like your blurb posted.

Annoucements on the Marquee: If you have an announcement to put on the outdoor marquee, please see Pam Ferguson for the key and the letters.