PTA Committee Chair Copying Procedures

Copying Procedures


White copy paper is stored at the school for your use. We will have our own supply of copy paper in the teacher workroom in the 4th/5th grade hall.  Essentially, we will supply this workroom with enough copy paper to meet our needs for the school year and the school will also supply this room for their own use.  This way, any paper available in the workroom can be used by all — including the PTA.


PTA communications that need to be photocopied can be done in two ways:

  1. Gestetner- 50 or more copies should be done on this copier (located in the teacher workroom on the 4th/5th grade hall).  Again, PTA supplied paper will be kept in this room, along with paper for the rest of the school’s use. (Note: Please track the number of copies you make on the Gestetner.  There is a copy log posted on the end of the bookshelf closest to the Gestetner above the pencil sharpener.)
  2. Large Copier in Teacher workroom on 4th/5th grade hall- this copier is for use by AES staff and PTA.  (To ensure that the copy use from the large copier gets tracked back to PTA, please punch in code# 30009 when using it.)

Also note that AES teachers, parapros, and staff have priority use of all school copiers. If you wish to use colored paper for copies you must purchase it yourself using your committee budget.