PTA Committee Chair Financial Procedures

Budget Accountability:

Each Committee Chairs accountable for maintaining and tracking their expenditures.  All expenditures are required to stay within committee budget.

  • Budget Overage: Please review your budget and plan accordingly.  If you anticipate expenses over budget, you must get prior approval from your area VP and a Co-President.
  • Budget Amendment: You have one opportunity within the school year to get your budget changed.  You will need prior approval from your area VP and a Co-president.  The Budget Amendment will be voted for adoption at Bingo Night in February.
  • Committee Transaction Journal: Please track your Committee’s income/expenses using the Committee Transaction Journal, which you may download from the PTA website at:  www.AlpharettaElementaryPTA/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Committee/Budget_Transaction_Journal.xls.  This information will be helpful when planning future budgets and to compare to the transactions recorded by the Treasurer.
  • Copies: Please keep copies of all receipts, Check Requests, funds for Deposit forms, etc. with your Transaction Journal in your Committee notebook.

Financial Forms:

  • Carbon copy paper formsFunds for Deposit Form and Check Request Form are available in the PTA cabinet in the PTA corner outside the conference room.
  • In addition, either of these financial forms can be obtained from the PTA Treasurer.

Funds for Deposit:

  • All money collected for the PTA should be counted by the appropriate Committee Chairperson and verified by a second counter before turning over to the PTA Treasurer.
  • Money should be accompanied by a Funds for Deposit Form.
  • Counters: Please note, this form requires signatures from both counters in two places: under the “Cash Count” area and under the “Check” area.  In addition, the Committee Chairperson must complete the “Deposit Totals” and provide the deposit break-down detail in the “Credit the deposit…” section, located at the lower right.  Funds for deposit should be organized (i.e. coins rolled, dollar denominations grouped, and any tape or staples removed from checks), bundled with both copies of the Funds for Deposit form, and enclosed in an envelope.
  • The Vault: If the Treasurer is not immediately available, please leave money in the PTA safe located in the School Office Vault.  If counting is not possible at the time of collection, organize the funds as best as possible and have them placed in the vault until you can return at a later date to complete this process. Be sure to indicate where money should be allocated so they can be credited on the budget correctly.  No money should ever leave school grounds.  Pam Ferguson can place deposits into the PTA safe deposit for the treasurer to pick up.  Please call the Treasurer or one of the two Co-Presidents and let them know you have put a deposit in the safe.
  • Keep a Copy for Committee Records: Please keep a copy of this form for your records. Upon completion of the deposit, a copy of the Funds for Deposit form will be returned to the appropriate committee chairperson for storage in the PTA notebook.

Request for Reimbursement:

  • Request for Check Form: All check requests should be submitted to the Treasurer on a Request for Check Form.  Copies are available in the PTA cabinet in the PTA corner outside the conference room or can be obtained from the PTA Treasurer.