PTA Committee Chair Miscellaneous Procedures

PTA Trailer

The locking File box (located in the office) is for the purpose of collecting correspondence and monetary transactions and requires a key to open it.  The key is located in the Co-Presidents folder. The office staff also has a key to the File box. Please be diligent in returning the key to the file folder so others can have access to it.  You can also check out a key to unlock the PTA trailer from the notebook located in the office. Please be sure to return the key promptly when you are finished so others can get it when they need it.

Request for Business Partner Assistance

When planning for committee activities, Community Partner assistance may be advantageous in the provision of goods or services.  In order to consolidate requests, we ask that these needs be communicated to the Partners in Education Chairperson as soon as possible (preferably by the spring before the coming school year.)  Partners will ONLY be approached for assistance for school-wide, PTA-sponsored events. Partner communication MUST be done by the Partners in Education Chairperson.

Please Document Committee Activities

  • Ongoing Activity Documentation – On an effort to better prepare future Committee Chairpersons at AES, please document committee activities throughout the year.  This documentation should be kept in your PTA Notebook under section marked “Committee General Information”.  In addition, please periodically review your Job Description (under section marked “Job Description”) to make changes as necessary.  Please give these changes to the Co-Presidents.
  • End of Year Documentation

All efforts should be made to document your activities during the current year for the next chair person.  It is most helpful if this is saved on a CD for future committee members.