Fundraising at AES

As a PTA, one of our main objectives is working with our families, teachers, and community partners to help provide the ways and means to further the advancement of our school. You can imagine how important raising money is to our school. We organize our main fundraisers in the fall, in order to endow mini-grants to the school within the same year as the money is raised.

This year you will hear a lot of talk about our Support Our School (S.O.S.) campaign. The objective of this campaign is to improve communication regarding The Enrichment Fund, a program for donating directly to AES PTA. We want to raise awareness that your contribution to The Enrichment is tax deductible and that many companies will match charitable donations. Follow this link to learn more about the S.O.S. campaign.

To learn more about the AES PTA Ways and Means committees, follow the links below: